HESSE LOGO     We believe that the products we offer are the best in the industry, regardless of price.   Sure you can pay more, a lot more in some cases, but you cannot GET more, our prices are some of the lowest in the industry.  How can we do it?  The answer us simple; very low overhead. We do not produce a costly full color catalog nor do we spend a great deal of money on other forms of advertising.  We prefer to use our capital to make the best product possible.  This way we can offer them to you for less.   Make no mistake, we offer only the highest quality products, NO military rejects or cheap after market knock-offs. 

Hesse Arms is a manufacturer.  If we cannot find products which meet our standards, we make them ourselves by employing some of the finest CNC machinery that money can buy run by competent machinists who know gunsmithing.  We hold to the tightest military specifications, we have to, after all, we are a military contractor. 

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Hesse HAR15A2 National Match Rifle

    The Hesse National Match rifle is an exacting copy of the U.S. Army match rifle that won this years service match competition at Camp Perry.  The 1/2 minute match sights, DCM legal free float handguards, match bolt and carrier, and adjustable match trigger make this THE rifle for the serious match competitor.   Manufactured in a civilian legal configuration, this rifle is as close as you can get to the original.  Each rifle is hand made and headspaced by the professionals at Hesse Arms.  Each rifle is fully test fired with Federal match ammunition. 

*note:   also available with crowned muzzle for competition-
FFL PRICE - $1100